Big Time Sensuality - Björk

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Björk zelf over 'Big Time Sensuality': "A lot of my songs - including 'Big Time Sensuality' - are about my friends not my lovers. It's not erotic or sensual even if it may sound like that. As you know, you create pretty deep, full-on love relationships with friends.A lot of it is also about myself. I can be a coward a lot of the time and there comes a moment when I write a song when I get quite brave. It's a lot about me dealing with myself rather than attacking other people. Would I like to know the future? No. There's a side to me that likes to plan a little bit ahead and there's a side that just needs to be free. I've got problems with booking airline tickets - I always change them. Sometimes Iwonder if it's just for me to feel free. To kind of not be nailed in is really important to m

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