HUNTER - Björk

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'Hunter' is afkomstig (en tevens de opener) van het derde Björk-album Homogenic, De IJslandse zangeres zegt over dit nummer: "I guess that song's about when you have a lot of people that work for you and you sort-of have to write songs or people get unemployed, you know? In most cases, it's inspiring but in that particular song I was pissed off with it. I was ready for a break but it didn't seem fair on the people I worked with at the time. Feeling that way isn´t necessarily fair if you look at the whole picture and most of the times you don´t feel that pull. Those folks have gone out of their way as much for you as you have for them if not more but songs can be about things that aren´t necessarily fair... That´s what´s great about songs..."

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