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I cameI sawI kicked some assthe pain I cause it makes me laughcause the way I do my thing is strangeI just inject myself into your veinsYeahYou run, you hide there's no way outthe sun will rise and it's abouttime for the wreckoningtime, time for this girl to singBoomkat - 'The Wreckoning'Taryn: "We wrote this in front of the stereo with a pen and a pad, trying to capture the emotion Kellin had created with the beat. The song turned out to be about getting through stuff - relationships, obstacles - so it wasn't hard for me to draw up those feelings, to feel empowered." Daar heeft Kellin aan toe te voegen: " I love the verse: 'The way I do my thing is strange/ I just inject myself into your veins.' I think it really sums up the song."

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