Neil Cowley Trio

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Een van de deelnemers aan de Europen Jazz Competition 2007 was het Neil Cowley trio. Beluister enkele nummers van het optreden tijdens het North Sea Jazz.
The Q Magazine described his music as 'beautiful and delicate', while The Independent on Sunday added 'sweeping and epic'. As one half of the production duo Fragile State, Cowley produced two critically acclaimed albums that set the world of jazzy chill-out. Yet when the record company dissolved, the act went down with the ship, and with it, his heart and soul. Cowley continued to make music, yet found the experience of extracting music from a computer chip unbearable. Cowley began composing, embarking on late night sessions of piano discovery. The result is Displaced, an outstanding album of original recordings that present Cowley as a thoroughly modern player with an impeccable touch. As a pianist, Neil Cowley is dazzling, and as a composer he is stunning. With Richard Sadler on double bass, and Evan Jenkins on drums, Cowley has assembled a masterful jazz trio, whose bursts of energy and emotional infectiousness underpin Cowley's tremendous flair for creating beautiful, sometimes forceful melodies.