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De Keniase zangeres Suzanna Owiyo mengt traditionele Luo met moderne beats
Singer Suzanna Owiyo, who has made a name for herself by blending traditional Luo with modern beats, is among the musicians who will represent Kenya at this year's Festival Mundial in the Netherlands. The annual event summer festival, to be held from June 19 to 21, attracts some of the leading African artistes both from the continent and those based in Europe and the diaspora. An opportunity to take part in this festival is often considered a major boost for the artistes, particularly considering that it is always seen as a forum to get reasonable international exposure. African music lovers in Europe cross the borders of all the the neighbouring countries to the Netherlands to attend the event. Suzanna, who who just finished working on her second CD, following her much-talked about up to Kisumu 100, will be making her first appearance at the festival backed by a full band. The Kisumu 100 song was composed to mark the centenary celebrations of the lakeside town that is the Nyanza provincial headquarters. The musician, who loves to sing and play the guitar, is also keen to further blend her music for greater appeal. The traditional one-stringed Luo musical instrument adds a tinge of originality and creativity to her songs, making the music distinct from the normal Afro-pop of her contemporaries like Achieng Abura. She is also keen to cut a new image of a more mature musician at peace with herself. She is promising that her fans will see more of this in the coming days, both in her attire and demeanour. "In the recent past, I have been involved in serious rehearsals with my band and hope to give a good account of Kenyan music abroad," she says. Suzanna Owiyo sees her participation in this year's event as a "chance to gauge the international popularity of tracks from her latest album". "I'll be able to let my fans know the launch date of the new CD after liaising with my producer and sponsors soon," she says. "My fans should expect to hear more from me once I return from the Festival Mundial this year," she said.