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Daladala sounds brengt de muziek van de jongeren uit Afrika onder de aandacht. +++kwaito+++kuduru+++hiplife+++bongo flava+++coupe decale+++sege+++afropolitan+++ugandan reggaeton+++african hiphop+++
+++kwaito+++kuduru+++hiplife+++bongo flava+++coupe decale+++ Daladala Soundz is bringing you a brand new vibe of African music! Songs on heavy rotation from daladala minibuses in Dar es Salaam, select tunes from the danfo drivers of Lagos or the car rapides of Dakar: street music from the hot urban music scenes of Africa. In Tanzania bongo flava the local hip hop music sung in swahili has become the most popular music in the region. Uganda is crazy about reggaeton and dancehall. In Kenya Ugandan dancehall and Bongo Flava mix and mingle. Move on to Ghana to find hip hop and highlife fusing into hiplife and lately on to raglife. In Nigeria during the early 90s a local hip hop blend called naija rap was kick started. And from South Africa comes a style called kwaito which is slowly counquering the airwaves all over southern Africa. Theres lots more to discover. Daladala Soundz gives an overview over the wealth and variety of urban sounds from the african continent mixing them up an promoting these exciting scenes and talented artists to a wider audience. +++sege+++afropolitan+++ugandan reggaeton+++african hiphop+++ Meer inf: