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Op 15 2004 maart organiseerde de NPS in samenwerking met Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht een bijzonder concert. Op het podium van de Grote Zaal traden de strijkers van het Metropole Orkest op met het Argentijnse ensemble 'Orquesta de Lisandro Adrover'. Ze speelden authentieke tango-stukken, in nieuwe, verfrissende arangementen. Dit concert is nog steeds online te beluisteren!
Lisandro Adrover started studying music at the age of nine, harmony, contrapuntal and composition at the Conservatorio Nacional de música in Argentina. As a composer and director he is well know all over the world for his intensity and originality in all performances. In 1970 he joined the José Bassos orchestra touring all over Japan and the USA. Adrover performed until 1975. In that year he started his solo career and later formed a Tango trio. He is well known by this performance with famous singers and musicians like Osvaldo Piro, Roberto Goyeneche, Rubén Juarez, Raúl Lavié, Leopoldo Federico, Nestor Fabián, Susana Rinaldi. Between 1976 and 1978 he performed and arranged for Osvaldo Pugliese´s orchestra. In 1985 he performed with Tango Argentino all over the US, Europe and Japan. In 1986 Lisandro Adrover tours all over Japan with the Osvaldo Berlingieri quintet. Since 1990 he is the Musical Director of Tango Famous Company "Forever Tango". He arranged the traditional tangos of the Argentinean musical "Tanguera", the greatest success for more than 10 months in Buenos Aires. In 1995 he was asked by Alan Parker as interpreter and arranger for the music of the film "EVITA". In 1998 he composed, arranged and directed the music for the film "THE IMPOSTOR'S", filmed in Broadway. In the same year Lisandro Adrover adapted his arrangements to perform at the Symphony Hall of Boston with the Boston Pop's Orchestra. In 2002 he was hired by Mora Godoy as musical director, arranger and as bandoneonist for the "Tango Emoción" show in Germany.


First LP "Despertar en Buenos Aires" in 1979. In Company of Osvaldo Berlingieri records with Warner Brothers "Romántica ciudad" In 1995 collaborates with Alan Parker for the Musical "Evita". In 1998 he directed the main Tango for the film "The impostors" produced in Broadway. In 2000 among other productions he recorded "Doble Concierto para Bandoneón, Cello y Orquesta" coming soon in the US. "Tango, esencia y después" is his last work (2002), all the material has been composed by him an performed by more than 20 musicians.

Orquesta de Lisandro Adrover

Lisandro Androver is accompanied by Mario Carlos Araolaza (keys), Domingo José Diani (Bass), Miguel Angel Bertero (Violin) and Rafael Antonio Nicolau(Guitar).