Myles Sanko

Myles Sanko

De soulvolle, Engelse singer/songwriter Myles Sanko verschijnt in 2013 met zijn debuut EP Born in Black & White op de Nederlandse muziekradar.



Myles Sanko -- dubbed the lovechild of soul music, is an unsigned independent UK soul recording artist, music producer and cinematographerof French / Ghanaian descent. He began professionally recording songs as the front man of the funk/soul/improv band “Bijoumiyo” and has also been a recent addition to Retro-Funk band Speedometer performing worldwide. Over the past 2 years Myles has created a following of music lovers thirsty for the originality, quality and energy of artists such as Otis Redding, James Brown and many other soul greats at a time when pop music dominates the mainstream. He now embarks on his first ever solo project and describes the sound as a mixture of soul with rock chord progressions, played by jazz musicians. His intention is to produce music with a feel good vibe and lyrical content that makes people think. Myles begun uploading live acoustic performance videos on his YouTube channel in 2011, asking his fans to help him choose which songs he would then record in the studio. This very direct and honest approach showcased his authenticity as a real musician and saw him grow popular with fans. It also presented opportunities for him to perform at the prestigious Festival de Giverny in France and various other performances across Europe. Hoping to pick up where his musical influences have left off, Myles has now released his debut solo album titled 'Born In Black & White'. The album is a very raw and achingly beautiful preview of what to expect from this exceptional artist. When describing his sound, Myles explains, “I want my music to be a real place to feel alive. True motivation is the reaction I get from my audience when I sing and I intend on making music that I love listening to. It’s the only way to stay authentic and not lose yourself in all the other musical influences out there”. The album has caught the attention of a growing clutch of producers, DJs, bloggers etc, and has enjoyed some airtime on BBC Radio. He will also be releasing the first single from the album titled 'So Hard To Stop' at the end of October accompanied by an edgy and intriguing self-directed music video shot in down town Paris. Myles plans to return to the studio at the end of the year to record the second album with plans to tour in 2013 to share his music with existing and new fans all around the world.

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