VIDEO: het beste van de Top 2000

gelukkig hebben we de beelden nog

31 december 2016 22:15

Wát een week! En wat ging het alemaal weer snel voorbij! Gelukkig hebben we de beelden nog. Kijk hier de leukste video's op je gemak terug.

De opening van de Top 2000 mag wat ons betreft worden 'ingelijst'

Rob Stenders zingt 'Je Veux De L'Amour'

Het debuut van Ruud in 1 minuut

Gerards ode aan George Michael

Ruud vlogt voor de eerste keer

Gerard will always love you

Emotioneel moment tijdens 'Born To Run'

Hoe wordt de vormgeving van de Top 2000 eigenlijk ingesproken? Nou, zo!

(de videocompilatie van dag 7 volgt binnenkort!)


TOP 2000
25 - 31 december
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#NPORadio2 #Top2000


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Geschreven door:   Malcolm Lee 1 januari 2017 - 16:23 uur

We LOVE Top 2000!

Watching the Cafe webcast from Christmas to the end on New Years has been a tradition with us going on for 5 years at least..
Although we miss the Top 2000 album cover art design, the way the cafe presents now is excellence on our TV & stereo.. For the week, Netflix takes a back seat to your good works as it just soo much more satisfying to 'experience the Top 2000 cafe crowd and excitements..

All the DJs are VERY good and the music just gets better & better... Its THE BEST PARTY one could imagine, and this year our guests added coming to Hilversum & the cafe during Top 2000 is 'on their list'. Mine too...

This year, the addition of Evelien & Marisa added soo much to our enjoyment! They both are wonderful and spontaneous entertainers.. Thank you!

Might you please post additional video clips of their work from this top 2000? My wife was screeching with delight at the ZZ Top routine.. just loving it totally! I would love to see a complete YouTube clip of Marisa doing her "I Want to Break Free" from the other day. Not to take ANYTHING from Jasper de Vries, but the audience participation was totally delightful and very funny! For me, it represented the heart of the Top 2000 cafe experience, certainly one of this world's 'solutions' in such current troubled times.......

Yesterday afternoon at 6PM, your New Years, we toasted you all with champagne while eating home made bitterballen & oliebollen...
It was the very BEST!

Top 2000 means one thing to us here in Boston. Gezellig!